Hi there! My name is Jennifer, a travel blogger based in Singapore.

I had the opportunity to attend Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea for exchange in 2016 and as I was preparing for my exchange, I realised how hard it was to find information online on how to prepare and what to expect. I started this blog (originally named Seoul Wanderlust Stories) in hope to help other people who want to come to Korea (especially from NUS or Singapore) for an exchange to better understand what the possibilities are.

Yet along the way, this blog made me fall deeper in love with traveling and with the continuous growth in readership, I decided to expand my blog coverage to traveling in general (hence the change in name to Jen’s Wanderstories).

If you are interested to have your itinerary planned by me, do drop me a message and I will happily assist you in your travel journey (for a fee).

I am also open to media and fam trip invitations, sponsorships and collaborations. For business inquiries, please drop me an email at jennifer.noviana@gmail.com for a faster response. Here are some of the brands I have worked with: