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Best Night Snacks in Korea

In Korea, you do not need to fear of starvation. There are so many street stores and convenience stores around that opens till late night or even 24 hours, available to satisfy your midnight hunger anytime! This post will be about my favourite night snacks so far. 🙂

Street Food

Gyeranbbang aka Egg Bread (계란빵)

Egg Bread is one of my favourite Korean street snacks. It’s savoury yet it has some sweetness to it – I think they added some sugar. It’s especially good during the cold nights and definitely taste best when its hot, fresh from the grill.

This snack costs around 1000 KRW – 2000 KRW depending on where you go. If you go to Ehwa University area, you may find one for 1000 KRW but if you go to Myeongdong area, it costs 2000 KRW. The one in the photo can be found near Insadong street (1500 KRW). This snack is rather rare compared to the next one, Odeng!

Odeng or Eomok aka Fishcake (오뎅 or 어묵)

Odeng is definitely one of the top choices of food to eat if I want some night snack. It’s basically fish cake on a stick that is boiled and served with a cup of soup. Some people, including me, thinks that its intestines at first glance of odeng but it really is not!


Odeng is best eaten, again, on cold nights with the hot soup. Everytime I pass an odeng street store I just can not resist and most of the time, I end up stopping at the store to eat 😀

Odeng costs between 900 KRW – 1500 KRW, so far it’s usually around 1000 KRW and again, it is very easily found in most street food stores in Seoul.

Other Street Food

Of course there are many more choices of street food in Korea like Tteokbokki (떡볶이) and Tornado Potato, etc. I also heard that some snacks are only available in certain seasons so depending on which season you come in, you will see different street food. For example, Seasonal street foods include hotteok (호떡) which is sold usually in autumn and winter only.

Tornado Potato in Myeongdong

If you are in Korea to visit, just head to Myeongdong area at night and you will see many street food carts lined up in one street. These are generally more expensive than in other places but Myeongdong does offer a pretty wide variety of street food in one place 🙂

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are usually the go to place in Korea when you are hungry at night. It’s because usually they are open 24/7 and they are almost everywhere! In the international dorm in Yonsei University, we also have a convenience store in Global Plaza and I often head there if I missed dinner and I feel hungry at night since it’s the only store open till late.

One common night snack to eat from the convenience stores in Korea is their cup noodles aka Ramyeon (라면). Just purchase one cup and you’ll get free hot water to eat it directly inside the store. They also usually have some sort of counter or table for you to eat the ramyeon, unlike in Singapore convenience stores.

Other food options in the typical convenience stores include sandwiches, bread, gimbab (Korean style sushi), Onigiri and even dosiraks (food box with rice). Perfect place to satisdy your midnight hunger 🙂 Usually these are really cheap so it’s very affordable too 🙂

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