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Day Trips from Seoul: Yangju

Yangju is definitely not a popular day trip destination from Seoul, even amongst the locals. However, because of Rufustory‘s beautiful photos in Yangju’s Flower Garden (양주 나리공원) , I decided to make a short visit to the unknown city with a local friend just to take some photos and the Garden was definitely worth the trip.

How to Get There

Yangju is a small city near Seoul and is accessible by Seoul’s subway line 1. Just hop on and stop at Yangju Station. If you are lucky, you may get an express train that skips some stations but if not, you’ll just need to go through all the stops.

Once you have arrived in Yangju Station, exit and cross the road to the bus stop. Take bus number 80 for around 15 – 20 minutes and alight at Haedong Mael bus stop(해동마을 전류장) – 15 stops away from the station.

You will know where to stop because the Garden is right behind of the bus stop. Once you see large fields of flowers, it’s time to alight!


What to Do There?

If you want to go to the garden, definitely take LOTS of photos! The place was so beautiful, taking photos should definitely be the number one objective of going there.


The garden itself was pretty huge with many different types of flower fields to take pictures in. Just take a look of the map, every coloured square is a field of different flowers. Most of it blooms in September so the best time to go there is actually in in September. I went there on the last week of September and the sunflower field has already withered 🙁 The rest of the flowers wither faster with heavy rain.

There is not really a need to go super early in the morning if you want to go to the garden because it is not very well known hence it is not very crowded. However, if you want good shots of the without people in them.

Honestly, I didn’t go to any other place in Yangju except to the Garden and to have some lunch. My friend and I left Seoul at around 9AM and came back by 3PM. I felt like it was a good half day trip and it was really worth the trip since it was something you can’t really see in Seoul and it wasn’t too far (Less than 2 hours trip).

If you want to go to Yangju to see more, I’ve looked it up online and I found a list of interest places in Yangju that you can try to go to here. Obviously I haven’t tried going to any so let me know if any of those places are worth going to!

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  1. I have already booked my flight to Busan & Seoul in Sep this year. Just thought of where to go besides shopping.. then chanced upon your blog. Thanks for sharing! (^_~)

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