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Hostels in Japan: Kaede Guesthouse Review

This is the third and last hostel review I will be writing for my last trip to Japan. My other two reviews were for Tokyo and Osaka hostels, feel free to read them if you are planning to go there.

I spent 4 nights in Kyoto after my 2 nights in Osaka and I stayed in Kaede Guesthouse throughout all the 4 nights.

Kaede Guesthouse

The guesthouse was located within a 5 minutes walk from Shijo Station – which is unfortunately not a JR Station. If you are taking a Shinkansen to Kyoto, you will be arriving at Kyoto Station, one stop away from Shijo on the private railway.

The hostel was not hard to find, it’s located exactly in front of a shrine and there’s a pizza hut stall right on the first floor of the building. I think the location was pretty convenient because it’s located near major streets in Kyoto. The hostel was located near Nishiki Market and some other shopping streets and I had enjoyed walking around the area. It was also nice because the hostel is located in a residential area so it was quite at night.

The Major Street between Shijo Karasuma & Kawaramachi Station near Kaede

I stayed in the female dormitory and the room was also exactly as described on Booking.com. Although it was smaller than my bed in Osaka and Tokyo, it was okay because it was cheaper too. The only thing was that they only provided 2 electrical plugs per bed and one was used for the lamp. If you are planning to stay in the dorm rooms here, please bring a travel adapter with multiple outlets 🙂


This guesthouse also has private rooms but since I went alone, I opted to stay in a dorm room. If you are travelling with your family or friends, they do have separate rooms for you to consider.

Their reception is on the third floor and it is open 24 hours which is a major plus in this guesthouse. The reception area also has a large common space for you to do some work or simply to make friends. Breakfast is also provided in the morning in the reception area until it runs out.

The toilets were also very clean and is available at every floor. The shower room for the dorm was located on the 2nd floor and is also very well maintained. Overall I was very happy with my stay in Kaede.


  1. They provide free bag storage services if you want to check in early or check out and leave Kyoto later, you can always leave your bag with the reception and collect it anytime since it’s open 24 hours
  2. They provide bicycle rental services – I forgot what was the price though
  3. Free lockers for the dormitory rooms
  4. They do not provide you with towels so please bring your own towel

Total Damage: 10,400 JPY for 4 nights (2,600 JPY per night) for a female dormitory bed. As you can tell, this is way cheaper than what I paid in Osaka and Tokyo but the service and quality was not far from the rest. They also have mixed gender dorm rooms for a lower price. All bookings were made via Booking.com with free cancellation and no booking fees policy. Make your booking via this link and get 10% rebate from any booking you make.

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