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5 Instagramworthy Places in Korea During the Winter Season

Snow makes every place more magical, really. Coming from the tropical area of Southeast Asia where the weather is either sunny or raining, this is especially true. If you are going to visit Korea this winter, here are 5 instagramworthy places in Korea during this specific season you need to check out. Also, keep reading to find out how you can save 10% (+$10 earn cashback!) from your hotel booking with Agoda this season.

1. Yangpyeong

Yangpyeong is a beautiful town, 1.5 hours away from Seoul city center and is accessible by Seoul subway line 1. This place have been featured in many of my previous blog posts but it’s so beautiful in winter, you can’t miss visiting Yangpyeong if you are visiting Seoul in winter.

Semiwon and Dumulmeori are two connecting parks offering beautiful sceneries perfect for your gram in Yangpyeong. I was there during Korea’s first snowfall of the season last year and it was like I was in winter wonderland! I visited the second time after my fun strawberry picking activity (this is a must do when you are in Korea during winter season!) and when it is not snowing, you will be able to see clear views of the surrounding mountain and river.

2. Nami Island

Image credit: Rufustory

Needless to say, Nami Island is another must-visit place in Korea during the winter season. The beauty of Nami after snowfall is exactly like what you see in one of Korea’s all-time famous Korean drama, Winter Sonata.

Be sure to dress warmly and bring extra heat packs when you visit Nami in winter. On top of the low temperatures, it can also be very windy, making it even colder!

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3. Odaesan, or any other mountain in Korea

Korea is a mountainous country and regardless of which season you visit, a hike on one of them is highly recommended! Some popular mountains to visit in Korea include Bukhansan (Seoul), Seoraksan (Sokcho), and Hallasan (Jeju) but my friends and I visited a less conventional mountain, Odaesan, instead.

Check out this cool video produced by one of my friends, Jonathan, from our trip to Odaesan:

The place was like narnia in winter! Covered in beautiful, soft, white snow. Although the temperature in the mountain was subzero, we did not feel cold at all when we were hiking. Hiking in winter sounded crazy to me at first, but the cold weather was perfect for people who do not like to sweat like me. Whichever mountain it is, be sure to visit at least one when you are in Korea during winter. If you want a hassle-free hiking experience, join this tour that includes round-trip transportation & an English guide from Seoul to some of the snowcapped mountains in Korea.

With the new KTX Kyungkang line running from Seoul to Gangneung, travelling to Odaesan is much easier as you can just hop on the KTX train to Jinbu station and go to Odaesan from there.

4. Daegwallyeong Sheep Farm

Daegwallyeong is a sheep farm located at Pyeongchang, where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. Although in winter the sheep will not be grazing on beautiful green grass as in other seasons, the view of the farm covered in snow is something not to miss!

I would suggest visiting Daegwallyeong together with Odaesan as Pyeongchang is one KTX stop before Jinbu on the new KTX line. There is also the Pyeongchang Rail Pass that you can utilize if you want to spend more time in the 2018 Winter Olympics area (Pyeongchang & Gangneung) before heading back to Seoul.

5. Inje Wondaeri Birch Forest

This place is another wonderland in Gangwon province that is extremely instagramworthy in Korea during winter. Inje is a city near Sokcho and can be reached by a 1.5 hour intercity bus ride from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal. From Inje Bus Terminal, you will need to take taxi (around 20,000 KRW) to the forest park entrance (인제 자작나무숲).

Since the forest is located on a mountain, be prepared with non-slip shoes for the hike. I would also suggest to visit the forest as early as possible in the morning if you really want a nice photo without people in the background as this place is extremely popular in winter.

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