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Nanta Show Review

Nanta Show is a Korean culinary-themed comedy musical show that has gained much fame in Korea and overseas. I planned to watch it before I left for Korea but never really had a chance to until my Yonsei buddies asked me if I wanted to watch the show, to which I gladly accepted :D.

We got our tickets from Trazy here because the tickets on Trazy is discounted, so if you want to watch Nanta, try purchasing it on that link! Instead of 40,000 KRW (or around $40), you will pay $25 for the A class seats if you purchase it from Trazy. The purchasing process was also rather simple, just choose the theatre you wish to watch the show in and the date of the show and it will prompt you to make payment. Payment can be done via credit card or bank transfer.

Initially we purchased tickets for the Hongdae Theatre but for some reason we were moved to Myeongdong Theatre instead. The instructions to Myeongdong Theatre were given in the pdf ticket that was sent to us but we still got lost when we were trying to look for the building and was almost late. Luckily we managed to get there on time, exchange our booking confirmation with our tickets and find our seats before the show started.


We sat at the A class (the cheapest) seats and got seats at the upper floor because we were late but we could still enjoy the show because the theatre size was relatively small. I would have preferred to sit on the first floor though because there were many instances where the crew would interact with the audience but nothing happened on the upper floor – sad :(.

A few of the first floor audience had a chance to go up on stage in one of the acts and even try out the food they prepared over the show. Some also were given souvenirs for going up on stage – something impossible to do when you are sitting on the second floor. So lesson is: go early and get first floor seats 🙂

Every theatre will have different set of crews. That day, our show was conducted by the Black crew from the Myeongdong Theatre. The show itself was not the typical musical you would imagine. It’s more a percussion musical with comedy in all the actions of the actors. While there weren’t any dialogue in the musical, some understanding of the Korean food terms would probably help you get the jokes.

Overall I found the show to be an entertaining one with a refreshing concept that I have never seen before. Initially I couldn’t imagine what a “cooking-themed” musical would be about, it’s hard to explain but once you watch it you will go “ohh”haha! When I watched the show, the theme for the day was to prepare for a wedding banquet.  I heard the themes will change every few months and it differs from one theatre to another so even if you have watched Nanta once, you can go back to watch again!

Here’s a group shot that we took after we finished the show:


If you ever visit Seoul and if you love percussion acts, I would definitely recommend this show.

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