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One Day Adventure in Seoulland

Seoulland is the first amusement park to open in Seoul. Currently it is not as popular as Everland or Lotteworld amongst both tourist and locals because of its smaller size. Thanks to KKDay, we had a chance to explore this underrated theme park and we were really glad we tried going there!

How to get to Seoulland

Take Seoul Subway line 4 to Seoul Grand Park Station and exited at Exit 2. Walk straight until you see the Elephant train ride station and take the train ride (1,000 KRW per adult and 700 KRW for children) to the entrance of Seoulland. You can also walk for 800 meters to Seoulland from the station if you do not want to take the train.


A one-day pass costs 40,000 KRW for adults and 34,000 KRW for children if you go in the day time. This pass includes almost all rides. There is also the admission only ticket which costs 20,000 KRW for adults and 15,000 KRW for children. You will need to pay for all the rides you want to take in addition to the entrance fee if you purchase this ticket.

If you buy with KKday, however, prices are way lower! You can purchase the one-day pass for just 20,000 KRW! This means free flow rides with only half the price. So be sure to purchase your tickets online first before heading there.



The park was very, very empty for a Saturday visit. It could also be due to the rainy weather forecast but whatever it was, compared to the massive crowds you will have to face in Everland and Lotte World, Seoulland was heaven! We only had to queue for 2 of the many rides we took there and event that, the queue took less than 10 minutes! We tried almost all the rides, but it only took us 4 hours to do so (including our lunch time!).

FullSizeRender 6

About the rides, I generally am not the type of person to take crazy rides so I rarely go to theme parks. My friends were the one who tried almost all the rides and they said that the rides were great!

There are two roller coasters in Seoulland but these are nothing compared to T-Express in Everland (at least according to my friend). They did say, however, that the Double Loop Coaster was pretty scary.

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Seoulland is also one of the filming places for the recent korean drama, ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’. In the drama, Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young went on a date here and took a few rides including the Flume Ride and the bumper car. We tried both rides and would definitely recommend them!

Scenes from ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’ in Seoulland

Overall, we had a great time in Seoulland. I would recommend going to this theme park if you have younger kids who gets bored easily or if you do not really want to take crazy rides but want to experience going to a theme park in Seoul.

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One last note: There is also Seoul Grand Park right next to Seoulland which you can go to after you are done with the theme park.

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