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Sokcho With U Hotel & Guesthouse Accommodation Review

On my trip to Sokcho, we made a booking to stay at With U Hotel & Guesthouse through Booking.com. Here’s what we loved about it!


With U Hotel & Guesthouse is strategically located right across Sokcho Express Bus Terminal (속초고속버스터미널) hence it is very easy to access if you are taking an express bus from Seoul to Sokcho.

There are also many buses available to many of the popular destinations in Sokcho from the bus stop right in front or across of the guesthouse. There are direct buses to Seorak Mountain, Sokcho Market, Abai Village, etc. It’s accessibility is definitely the number one plus point for this accommodation.

The guesthouse is just 5-minutes away by foot from Sokcho beach too. It is definitely the best location if you are going to Sokcho just to enjoy the beach.

Sokcho With U Hotel & Guesthouse Room


We stayed in the 8-bed female dorm room and I chose this guesthouse because of its cool-looking rooms from Booking.com. I was (very) pleasantly surprised to find out that the room looked exactly like what was shown in the photos online. The room was the widest room I have ever stayed in in Korea and it was so clean it looked like the room was new.

The beds are fitted with roll down curtains for maximum privacy even in a dorm room setting and there are four power plugs at each bed (This is the first dorm room that I have stayed in with more than 2 plugs per bed!!). Each section of the bunk bed has a large head space and some extra space on the sides of the bed, making it very spacious inside even with the curtains rolled down.

Each bed also has a dedicated (huge) locker space with keys for you to lock your belongings in when you are out or at night.

The toilet was also very spacious and clean. The best part is that each dorm room has a bathroom attached to it so it’s very convenient. They also provide soap, shampoo and conditioner. Towels, hairdryers and even disposable soap foaming clothes are provided in the room.

Other Rooms and Facilities

With U Hotel & Guesthouse provides many different room options. There are both male and female dorm rooms and apart from dorm rooms, they also have the single room, double room, triple room, bunk room, twin room and family room. I am sure there is a room that will be suitable for your travel needs in this guesthouse.


Aside from the impeccable rooms, this guesthouse also provides many other facilities like a printing station at the lobby and of course, free wifi around the whole building.


On the top-most floor (I think it was level 4) of the main building, there is also a kitchen and common lounge for all guests to use. Breakfast in the morning is also served here. Even their common areas are very nicely maintained.


If you can read Korean, there are also many books for you to read if you need some entertainment.


We only paid 25,000 KRW per person per night for our stay since we came on a weekday, low season period. On weekends and during the high season period, the dorm room prices vary between 30,000 to 40,000 KRW.

The single room is charged at 50,000 KRW on weekdays, low season and can go up to 110,000 KRW on a weekend, peak season. The prices for the other rooms vary between 60,000 KRW (Bunk room, weekday, low season) to 210,000 KRW (Family room, weekend, high season).

For the exact price during your travel period, please check Booking.com directly. Bookings through Booking.com have free cancellation (up to 3 days before your travel dates) AND no prepayment required – you pay directly when you check-in the guesthouse! Get 10% back on your stay at With U Hotel & Guesthouse (or any other accommodation!) booking at Booking.com if you book through this link.


My stay at With U Hotel & Guesthouse was definitely a very pleasant one. I would definitely stay at With U Hotel & Guesthouse again the next time I visit Sokcho!

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