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Visiting Jangsado Island from Geoje

Jangsado Island hosts a beautiful sea park known for its crimson camellia flowers that bloom in winter, gorgeous hydrangeas in summer and their evergreen trees. It has also been used as a shooting location for many dramas like Uncontrollably Fond and My Love from the Star.

We had a chance to visit Jangsado Island when we went to Geoje on a 3D2N trip last summer. Finding information on the best and cheapest way to Jangsado from Geoje can was challenging and I hope this blog post can help you!

The Cheapest Way to go to Jangsado Island

Daepo Cruise Center

Ticketing counter

The nearest ferry terminal to Jangsado from Geoje is 대포크루즈 Daepo Cruise Center and hence it is also the place with the cheapest ferry tickets to Jangsado from Geoje. While a two-way ferry ticket from other ports will cost around 20,000 KRW and above per adult, it will only cost 16,000 KRW per adult from Daepo Cruise Center if you reserve online. When reserving online, you can pay with credit card or deposit a partial amount using Korean bank transfer.

TIP: Use your laptop to do the booking if you can’t read Korean. The reservation website is in Korean but you can use Google Translate to help you with the booking. Make sure you reserve online as purchasing tickets at the cruise center will cost you 2,000 KRW more per person.


When you have made your booking online, simply show the booking confirmation and all the passengers’ ID at the ticketing counter when you reach to get the physical ticket. You will also need to pay a 10,000 KRW island entrance ticket and sign an indemnity form there.

The ferry to Jangsado Island

The ferry ride takes 15 minutes one way and there are air-conditioned seating areas in the boat. Regardless of which cruise center you take the ferry from, you are only allowed 2 hours to explore the 400sqm island. The ferry will drop you off at the entrance and wait for you to board back the same boat at the exit. Do not worry though, the park is organised in a way that you can follow a route and finish in 2 hours.

Depending on whether you go on a weekday or weekend, there will be three to five departure timings that you can choose from. Be sure to arrive at least 30 minutes before the departure time for the paper work you need to finish prior to boarding the ferry.

Exploring Jangsado Island


Upon arrival, we were given the Jangsado Island map (above) complete with the route we should follow. The first part of the island was an uphill and I surely did not expected it. We had to walk uphill for around 5 minutes before reaching the first attraction. There were also some parts of the island where we had to climb up and down the stairs so come in comfortable shoes when you go there. I would also suggest not to come in summer since the hot weather did not help at all (plus this place is known to be prettiest in winter anyway).


One of the most iconic places in Jangsado Island is the red bridge. This was were Kim Woo Bin in ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ was asleep at when Suzy found him.


Another iconic place in the island that you will see is this amphitheater where music concerts were held. I think lately there aren’t many concerts held here due to its location.

As I went in summer, there were no camellia flowers to be seen. Instead, there were a lot of hydrangeas. The view from all the view points on the island is also something to look forward to when visiting Jangsado Sea Park.

There is are two food and drink stores towards the end of the trail so you can enjoy a small meal on the island if you want to before going back to the ferry.


Overall I enjoyed my trip to Jangsado Island and if you are in Geoje, be sure to visit!

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    1. I would recommend going to Geoje first but I think it should still be possible to go from Busan if you rent a car.

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