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Yonsei Classes Guest Review

I figured posting only my review about the classes I took would not be very comprehensive. So I decided to open it up for other exchange students who want to review their modules to do so. Here’s a review written by Jessica Soles, an exchange student majoring in Communication and Media Studies in Yonsei University Spring 2016.

COM3141 Media Art and Society (Kim Hyung Shin)

I honestly loved this class but I can see how people wouldn’t. The professor expects a lot from her students. We had readings to do before each class and you were expected to have done them because participation was a big part of the grade. We wrote two papers (one was the midterm). For these papers you had to do activities outside of class, the first paper was about a train ride that you took and the second paper you had to go to a museum. The class was mainly discussion based and we looked at media throughout history and in modern pop culture. If you want to really walk away and feel like you learned something, this is the class for you. It’s also important to note that this class is both international students and korean students.

UIC2316 Intercultural Communication (Grace Kang)

This class was under the UIC division although I got a spot during regular enrollment. The class ended up dropping down from overly full (I think 25 students?) to 12 students because of the syllabus. This class involved a lot of group work, 2 group presentations (One with a partner and one in a group of 4 or 5, both of which were assigned) a solo presentation, 2 short individual papers, 2 group papers ( one 5 page single space, one 20 page single space) and a cultural event individual paper (8 pages single space).

Now, I don’t know if this will be the same for all people who take the class but because our class was small and we liked to engage in lively discussions, we ended up talking her out of many of those assignments. We also watched a few films in her class. Grace is an awesome professor with a lot of experience and very understanding if you need to miss class a few times. We also didn’t go to the actual classroom that often as she preferred to go outside to teach about the country and surroundings that we were in. This class was a bit intensive but we only had 1 written exam and overall the class was great and you can easily make friends in it.

IEE3121 Traditional Korean Society and Modernization (Moon Sangseok)

This class was interesting. It is very much a history class and there is a lot of reading to do but there isn’t really much assessment on the reading so even if you just skim you should be alright. This class involved 2 exams, a midterm and a final, which he provides study guides for and goes over thoroughly in class. There was also a paper which he split up into 2 parts, an introductory essay where you map out your topic and a final essay where you develop the idea. The paper could be on anything in or about Korea that addressed a topic relevant to society (I chose to write on the family unit and correlation to a high suicide rate). This is a scholarly paper and you need to use peer reviewed articles to write it. The professor was always available to talk to you and help and if you went to his office hours you were pretty much guaranteed an A in his class.

IEE3317 Media Communication in Korea (Lee Young Eum)

Now I know everyone won’t have the same experience with this class but I didn’t really attend this class very much because the professor was absent a lot. First she was sick, then she broke her wrist, and finally a family member passed away so I think I only attended this class for about half of the semester. We watched a few films in the class which related to the topic. This class was also like a history class where we learned about the different types of and evolution of the press, media suppression, the different presidents, the development of Korea after the war up until modern day. There were 2 exams which were in the form of take home essays which easily exceeded 14 pages with all of the information that she wanted. There was also a group presentation in which you presented a topic of the class from the textbook. This was a huge class (about 60 people) but the professor did bring us pizza and doughnuts a few times so that was pretty cool.

KLI1002 Intensive Korean Language (Level 2)

Now everyone will have a different experience and different teachers but I highly recommend taking KLI to anyone who is serious about learning the language. It’s also a great way to meet your fellow exchange students and make friends. In KLI you have 2 exams, a midterm and a final. Each exam has a reading, speaking, writing, listening, and pronunciation component and is spread over the course of 3 days. The class is taught entirely in Korean and you are expected to use Korean as well. I really loved my 2 teachers and all of my classmates and I can’t really say enough good things about the class.

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