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Yonsei University Housing Options

One of the most important decision you need to make after securing your Student Exchange Programme (SEP) spot is where you are going to stay. In most schools, there will be several on-campus accommodation options to choose from. However, if you do not want to stay on-campus, there are always other options as well.

On-Campus Housing in Yonsei University

For Yonsei University, Sinchon Campus, there are 2 on-campus accommodation options that you can choose from: SK Global House and International House (I-House). Something to take note of is that you can only apply for one – so make your choice carefully!

Both dorms are located near the East Gate of Yonsei University. They are actually joined together so location-wise, it is pretty much the same for both. There are 2 types of room in SK Global house that you could apply for: Single or Double room. Whereas I-House only offers a Double room option.

Room layouts


After doing some research, here are the main differences between SK Global rooms and I-House rooms (and its implications):

SK Global

  • Attached bathroom
    • You’ll need to buy your own toilet supplies
    • You’ll need to clean the bathroom on your own
  • No mini refrigerator in the room
  • Less storage space (It does not have the shelves over the bed, unlike in I-House)
  • More common facilities (or at least I heard so)
  • Nearer to the dining area

International House

  • Mini refrigerator in the room
    • Cleaner space to put your food & *EHEM* drinks
  • Shared bathroom
    • They said that the light sensor in the common toilets aren’t really good (I will verify it when I am there)
    • I also heard that they only clean the bathrooms on weekdays but at least we don’t need to clean them ourselves
  • More storage space in the room
  • Less common facilities
  • Connected to SK Global but further from the dining area

Want to know which I chose? Go to this post.

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