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Busan and Ulsan in 3D2N (Part 1)

The first field trip for WOWKOREA Supporters this year is to Busan and Ulsan. I was not really sure on what to expect but I guess that was why I was excited for the trip.

How to Get to Busan by Train

For this trip, we took the KTX (Korea Train Express) to Busan. For those who are not familiar with the types of trains in Korea, there are basically 3 types of intercity trains to get to Busan: Mugunghwa, ITX (Intercity Train Express)-Saemaul and the KTX (Korea Train Express) train. All trains leave from Seoul Station.

My teammates and I before boarding our train to Busan!

Mugunghwa is the train that stops at all train stations, it takes around 5 hours 20 minutes to get to Busan but it is cheaper. It costs 28,600 KRW on standard class, one way. ITX-Saemaul is a slightly faster train (It takes around 4 hours 40 minutes). It costs 42,600 KRW for standard class, one way.

KTX train is the fastest way to get to Busan but is is also the most expensive. It took us 2.5 hours to get there and it costs 59,800 KRW for a standard class, one way.

If you are planning to take a train to Busan, you can go to Korail’s website to look up the train schedules and book tickets in English 🙂 You can look up the schedule and book tickets up to one month before your trip. If you are flexible in terms of timing, you can just go to Seoul Station on the desired date of travel and go to the counter to purchase a ticket after checking the schedule online. This will normally work if you are travelling on a non-peak period. (Tips: Check out Korail Passes if you are planning to travel to more than just Busan and you may be able to score a good deal!)

Dongbaekseom Island

After our arrival, we went to Dongbaekseom Island – a beautiful place where you can see views of Busan seaside and city. The walk into the observatory is nice too even though when we came the weather was not very nice to us. While the indoor observatory closes at 5pm, there is an outdoor deck to see the beautiful view as well.

Although the name is Dongbaekseom Island, the place is actually attached to the mainland of Busan and you do not need to take any Ferries to get there. From Busan Bus Terminal you can take subway from Nopo Station (Busan Subway Line 1) and transfer to Line 2 at Seomyeon Station. Then you should take Line 2 to Dongbaek Station and exit at gate 1. Then continue to walk 700m straight ahead to get to the Island.

Geumsubokguk (금수복국)

Geumsubokguk is a name of a diner we had dinner in on our first night in Busan. Their speciality is in Puffer Fish (or Fugu Fish) soup. Yep, it’s the fish that puffs up in Finding Nemo when it is scared.


I have to say, it is a very unique dish that is a speciality in Busan so you should try it out! It is very near to Dongbaekseom so you can take a taxi from the park after you are done strolling. Just show the taxi driver this address: 부산광역시 해운대구 중동1로43번길 23 (중동). If you need to call the restaurant, their number is 051-742-3600. The restaurant is open 24 hours! So if you need to eat supper, you can come here too!


The Bay 101

The Bay 101 is a yacht club located at Haeundae beach. According to the Korea’s tourism board website, the Bay 101 is Busan’s no.1 Marine Sport facility. However in the night, this place is perfect to view Busan city lights. There are several cafes outside facing the view too for those looking to have a chill night in Busan with a beautiful view.


Get to the Bay 101 by taking train to Dongbaek Station (Busan Subway Line 2), Exit 1 and walk straight for approximately 690m. The bay 101 will be on the right after crossing the bridge.

Find out more about our trip to Busan in the second part here and the third part here.

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