Eyelash Extensions in Seoul

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably would have known that I tried doing eyelash extensions several times when I was in Korea. Many people often ask me where did I get my extensions and here’s a post to answer those questions!

What is Eyelash Extension?

This ‘procedure’  is basically to extend and volumize your lashes. What they do is they stick additional lashes on your natural lash to get that extra volume, length and curl using special glue. They have all sorts of lash extensions you can choose from: very curled ones to normal ones, thick ones to the more natural ones, long ones to short ones. They even have different materials of the fake lashes and different colours.

Typically before you start the extension, you will be asked to choose but you can also ask the beautician for recommendations on which curl, thickness, length and colour would be best for your eye shape (I did this so I have no idea what type of lashes are on my eyes now).

Where Did I Get Mine?

I took some time to find the perfect place to get mine done since most of the information about eyelash extension in Korea are in Korean (those in English are out to trap tourists so beware!) and I finally found a place near Yonsei University where the price was okay and the results looked promising – Urbane.D!

The place is located 3 minutes by foot from Ewha Womans University Station, Exit 5. After you get out of the exit, walk straight and on the first road you see on the left, turn left. Then make turn right at the first turn. The entrance will be on your right. The store is located on the third floor.


When I first went there I was surprised by how small it was. The store is only runned by a single beautician who owns and does everything. Despite its size, the results that she produced was amazing so I kept going back!

I first went in November and the lashes stayed on all the way until January although it did slowly, but surely, became thinner. I went back in January to redo the lashes before I left Korea (lasted for around 2.5 months too) and when I was back in Korea last month, I got it again!


In between, I tried going to another beautician in my home town and I was so disappointed by the material of the lashes (heavier, thicker and got stuck in my eyes many times causing irritation for the same price I paid in Korea) that I decided I will not go to other eyelash extension beauticians anymore. I definitely highly, highly recommend Urban.D.


The basic package costs 50,000 KRW in Urban.D and I got mine for 70,000 KRW. Mine is double layered so it has more lashes and stays on for a longer time. I would recommend getting the double layered one because the additional money for it is so worth it.

If you come back in around 2 weeks time, she is willing to do a retouch of your lashes for 50% of the original price. If you got the single layered lash, you probably would need to do this if you want it to look nicer longer.

Reserving Your Slot

She opens the clinic everyday, with rare breaks, and starts at 11am all the way till as late as 8 or 9pm.

If you want to make a reservation, you can either email her, call or message her on Instagram (I would recommend emailing if you can’t speak Korean, sometimes Instagram messages aren’t seen either if she is not following you). Since she can’t really speak English, you can follow this very simple template to reserve:
이름: (Your name)
예약시간  (month in number)월 (date)일 (hour)시 괜찮아요?

For example, if you want to reserve for 10 September at 1pm, you can send this to her:
이름: (Your name)
예약시간 9월 10일 1시 괜찮아요?

When she replies, use Google translate to see if she said yes or if the slot is taken. If you message her a few weeks in advance, she will probably still be free.

Please let her know that you found out about her shop from my blog (Just say you know Jennifer^^). Have fun and be ready to be pretty without make up!

2 thoughts on “Eyelash Extensions in Seoul

  1. Thank you for this post! I live in CA and normally get lash extensions there, but decided to do it in Seoul before I left since my ‘regular’ lash lady is on maternity leave. She was so polite, professional, and did amazing work!

    Your directions helped as well, but I would add that you turn left immediately after exiting the subway – you’ll see a yellow pharmacy. Turn right there / at the first road.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie, glad you enjoyed her services! She is indeed very kind and great 🙂 Thanks also for the feedback. Will edit my directions to help future travellers 🙂


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