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7 Instagramworthy Cafes in Seoul to Beat the Summer Heat

The heat  in Seoul during summer is no joke! On some days, it can reach to 35 degrees celsius and what better way to escape the heat than to enjoy a cup of Ice Caffe Latte in a cool cafe. Here are the 7 instagramworthy cafes in Seoul where our camera shutters could not stop clicking!

Urban Source (어반소스)

This cafe is divided into two parts: a cafe (Urban Source) and a bar (Urban Cafe). The cafe is a nice open space that serves bread and coffee and is the perfect place to chill or to get some work done. Although the space is huge, be ready to wait for seats though especially on weekends!


The more exciting  place is, however, is the bar (Urban Space)! The bar is where you will find their instaworthy pool of white plastic balls. When you are done taking all the Instagram photos you need, relief some stress and have a good plastic ball fight with your friends. We had tons of fun here, I am sure you will too!

There is no entrance fee to the pool but everyone will need to purchase at least one drink. They do serve non-alcoholic drinks (mocktail) but they are priced at 13,000 KRW. I would just recommend getting one of the many beer they serve, costing 8,000 KRW per bottle. They also sell main courses but we were too full to try them. Let me know if you did get a chance to try!

The place is located near Seongsu Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) and opens from 11am and closes at around 11.30pm. Here’s a location of the cafe on google maps for your reference:

Share D’ Table (쉐어드테이블)


This cafe is located near Urban Source and can be visited together. They use simple, raw everyday building materials like tiles, copper wire and cement but results in a nice and unique interior. To top it off, their cakes were very nice!

I would recommend trying the strawberry cream cake and the chocolate cake (around 7,000 to 8,000 KRW each). Their bottle of earl grey milk tea (2,500 KRW per bottle) was also really tasty.


Here’s a map of where they are located:

24 7 Plus (트웬티포세븐플러스)

24 7 is a floral-themed cafe which I fell in love with the moment I stepped inside. The floral interior makes it a perfect photo spot and true enough, everyone who visited the cafe was mainly there to take instaworthy photos!

This cafe does not sell any food or cake so if you are planning to come, be ready to have a late meal or have something to eat first before coming. Their coffee prices were also quite reasonable (~5,500 KRW per cup) and they provided visitors with floral head bands and bouquets as props for photos!


The cafe is located beside Hongik University but it is nearest to Sangsu station (Seoul Subway Line 6). Here’s the location of the cafe on Google Maps:

Miss Yoon’s Wonderland (이상한 나라의 미쓰윤)

This cafe is decorated with an “Alice in Wonderland” theme. While the coffee and drinks are priced within a normal range (around 5,500 to 6,500 KRW), the food is on the pricey side (the cheapest was around 18,000 KRW). They also had a bar serving interesting makgeolli (Korean rice wine) like tiramisu rice wine (15,000 KRW).

Taken by Rufustory

Miss Yoon’s Wonderland was the restaurant used for Joo-man’s nephews birthday party in one of the latest Korean drama series, ‘Fight My Way’, in episode six. This was also where Joo-man stood up against his family for bullying his girlfriend, Sol-hee.

The cafe opens at 10am on weekdays and 11am on weekends until midnight or past midnight daily. One thing to take note of is their break time which is from 2.30pm to 4.30pm everyday. It is 10 to 15 minutes away from Yangjae Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 and Sinbundang Line) by foot. Here’s the location of the cafe on Google Maps:

C27 Cheesecake & Coffee

This cafe specialises in cheesecake and is decorated with a “rollercoaster” theme. They serve various flavours of cheesecake starting from the plain cheese cake (what they recommended), apple crumble cheese cake (the one I had) to choco mint cheese cake (the one my friend tried). Everything was between 8,000 to 9,000 KRW. They also served cheese bites, some cheese bread and coffee.


The bright light coming in through the windows, together with the splash of colours from the roller coasters made this place an instaphoto heaven!

FullSizeRender 5

The cafe is located on the third floor of a building near Exit 2 of Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2). Here’s a map for your reference:

Cafe LN (루덴로켄카페 LN)

This cafe wasn’t exactly instaworthy but was still offers a unique cafe experience because it is a hanok themed cafe. If you do not already know, hanok refers to Korean traditional houses.


The cafe was a safe haven from all the hustle and bustle of Seoul life although it is located right smack in the center of the city at Samcheongdong. Come here to simply read a book, drink a cup of coffee and enjoy life!

Here’s the location of the cafe:

Clarté Coffee (클라르테 커피)

This cafe is a nicely decorated white-themed cafe that looks like it popped out off a magazine.

Taken by Rufustory

The cafe has 2 floors with a rooftop outdoor seating area which would be a nice place to sit in during a cooler season like Autumn. Both floors are brightly lit and I felt like it is a perfect place to get some work done too on top of taking nice instaworthy photos.

Taken by Rufustory

Located in Yeonamdong, near Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2, AREX Line and Gyeongi-Jungang Line), this cafe can be visited together with C27 Cafe.

Here’s the location of the cafe on Google Maps:

Which one sounds the most interesting to you?

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