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Strawberry Picking in Korea

One of the things I really wanted to do while I was in Korea was to go strawberry picking. I love strawberries and strawberries in Korea is definitely one of the things you need to try if you are in town during winter and spring. Their strawberries are huge, so sweet and not too expensive – $5 – $8 per box in supermarkets.

After doing some research, my friend and I chose to go to 어린농부 딸기농장 Eorin Nongbu Strawberry Farm in Yangpyeong for the famous winter and spring activity. We got a package deal from Trazy which is unfortunately already “sold out” but you can always contact the farm directly to make a reservation with a similar price.

Eorin Nongbu Strawberry Farm 어린농부 딸기농장

The farm is located nearest to Yangsu station on line 1 on the Seoul Metro. From the subway station, take a 5 minutes taxi ride to the farm that will cost less than 6000 KRW.

Strawberry Picking Experience

When we first arrived, we joined another group of families for a short briefing. They shared with us the life cycle of a strawberry plant, the parts of the plant and some other fun facts about strawberries. Then we moved on to the indoor field itself where the auntie shared with us how to pick strawberries.

Because we came in the early part of winter, the strawberries were still mostly green although there was at least one ripe one in every bunch. According to the owner of the farm, most of the strawberries will ripen in February to April, ie the end of winter to the start of spring period.

Happy with my pick!

We were all given a pretty big box to store the strawberries we picked. Sadly we couldn’t eat any strawberries while in the field itself, perhaps because of hygiene and safety purposes.

TIP: Pick slightly more than the capacity of the box because some will be taken out to be eaten on the farm. Once we got out of the field area, the auntie took some of our strawberries and washed them for us so that we could eat some of them.


After having what tasted like the best strawberries in the world, we went on to the next activity we booked in the farm, making strawberry mochis. There are 2 main activities offered: Making strawberry mochi and strawberry chocolate. I think they also offer the option to make strawberry jam, but it was not in the trazy option when we bought the package.

Strawberry Mochi Making

We had to go to another part of the farm (it’s very huge!) to do this activity. We were given all the ingredients, including extra strawberries for us to make the mochi (so we didn’t need to use the ones we picked).

It was unexpectedly very hard to make! We messed up and were struggling to make a nice mochi but it was very fun. We ended up eating all the mochis we made on the spot because it was too ugly to bring it home HAHA.

I wouldn’t recommend this activity if you’re coming with younger kids. Instead, go for the chocolate making one which is really simple, they just dip the strawberries in chocolate and then decorate it! The kind owner gave us some of the chocolate strawberries to try although we didn’t make it ourselves.


Booking Process and Price

On trazy, we paid $22 for the package, including the picking and mochi making. Last I checked, the package we booked is no longer available. You can try to make a direct booking on their website here if you are fluent in Korean since the website is in Korean and it may be hard for you to navigate. Alternatively, kill two birds with one stone and use this package to visit the farm instead. The package includes skiing at a ski resort nearby!

If you are on a trip to Korea and plan to go to Nami island, you can consider using this trazy deal to go strawberry picking AND nami island with all the transportation included. This package will take you to a different farm though.

What to do Around Eorin Nongbu Farm


Eorin Nongbu Strawberry Farm is located near a beautiful place called Dumulmori. I’ve visited and reviewed this area once in another post but during my first visit there, it was snowing very heavily and I couldn’t really see the surroundings clearly. This time we went when the weather was better and it was really beautiful (and freezing). Definitely walk over to this park if you are going to Eorin Nongbu Strawberry farm 🙂

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    We do need to place a reservation first thing first, yes?

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